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The new Guidance for deriving Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) under the European Water Framework Directive (WFD) supports the use of a tiered compliance assessment regime for metals that incorporates both correction for natural background concentrations and bioavailability. However, the guidance does not provide practical tools to implement a bioavailability-based compliance regime. Moreover, current BLM/WHAM normalisations for Cu, Ni, Zn and Pb are time-consuming and not sufficiently user-friendly for regulatory use.  To this end, Bio-met was developed.

Bio-met is a user-friendly tool to assess Environmental Quality Standard (EQS) compliance of metals under the EU Water Framework Directive. Based on scientifically validated Biotic Ligand Models (BLMs), bio-met accounts for the bioavailability of copper, nickel, zinc, and lead with one single click! The tool requires the input of the following abiotic water parameters: DOC, pH and Hardness concentration. When used as part of a tiered approach, biomet provides water managers with an opportunity to efficiently account for metal bioavailability in a transparent way and deliver a robust metric of potential environmental risk.

A website has been developed that will act as a portal for all aspects of metal bioavailability and its implementation and includes an online version of the user-friendly tools

The Biomet tool has been developed jointly by ARCHE Consulting and WCA. Sponsors of the tool are NIPERA, IZA, ECI and ILA.

In order to use the tool you must register at our Biometdedicated website and obtain a Login account in order to access the tool and all supporting information.