Ores and concentrates guidance on EU hazard classification

An industry approach to EU Hazard Classification

With their extensive background in metals risk assessments, the people of ARCHE collaborated on a project to draft a guidance document for the EU Hazard Classification of Ores and Concentrates (O&C).

The main sponsors of the O&C project were:

The extraction and processing of mineral ores to create concentrates is the primary step in the life cycle of minerals and metals, and management of the chemical hazards and risks posed is an important part of an integrated approach to chemicals management in the O&C sector.

The introduction of the new CLP Regulation (EC) N° 1272/2008, which applies the general principles of the GHS in the EU, means that producers of ores and concentrates will, for the first time, be required to officially notify hazard classification for these materials to a regulatory database.

Euromines and ICMM have prepared this general guidance taking into account the O&C specifics. The guidance presents a framework that can be applied towards the goal of achieving a harmonized approach for the classification of O&C.

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Ores and Concentrates: an industry approach to EU Hazard Classification
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