EQS metals video

Environment Quality Standard for metals

Eurometaux and ARCHE Consulting are proud to announce the release of the “metal EQS” video produced in collaboration with ARRIBA, Triangle 7 and the active support of several experts of the Water Taskforce. The premiere has already been held during the Water Task Force on April 15th at the metals conference centre.

The video is mainly targeting the non-specialist audience from both regulators and industry and is aiming to bring across the message in a visually attractive way of the importance metal bioavailability could have in the context of regulatory compliance. More precisely, the script of the video is about demonstrating the scientific principles of metal bioavailability, how this can be used to calculate site-specific Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) or bioavailable metal concentrations and how environmental compliance can be achieved in a tiered approach. The video further also dedicates a scene related to the “Biomet” tool, i.e. the user-friendly and freely online tool (bio-met.net) as developed by ARCHE Consulting/WCA that could predict the bioavailability of metals in natural surface waters and therefore calculate site-specific EQS and compliance check.

For more information, please contact Patrick Van Sprang (patrick.vansprang@arche-consulting.be)