IMOA has worked for the last five years with the environmental scientist working at ARCHE Consulting, and they have proved for IMOA/Mocon to be a very wise investment. We can therefore highly recommend ARCHE Consulting with regard to their technical expertise and knowledge on environmental issues (aquatic and terrestrial), organisation of research projects and data interpretation. ARCHE Consulting worked with numerous metal consortia for REACH and is widely recognized by the metals industry as the experts in their field.

Sandra Carey, International Molybdenum Association

ICL-IP has been working with ARCHE Consulting over the last couple of years on several projects related to REACH, including preparation of dossiers and exposure scenario’s. We are very satified with them, mainly due to the high quality of work, in-house expertise, rapid response to queries, short communication lines and good price-quality ratio. Therefore, ARCHE Consulting is highly recommended by us for projects related to REACH.

Sander Kroon, ICL-IP

The Precious Metals sector has worked with ARCHE Consulting on a number of projects involving the environmental and waste stage risk assessment of metals since 2007, when they were still organised under the name of EURAS. ARCHE Consulting’s team gathers passionate, dedicated, and very clever though humble profiles which strive to find a robust balance between industry’s commitment to use chemicals safely, and regulations’ thirst for information, justification, and continuously improving scientific evidence. ARCHE Consulting’s colleagues hold experience and expertise in eco-toxicity, risk management, classification of metals (you need to see what MeClas can do for you!), supported by professional project management skills and excellent mathematical, modelling and statistical tools that they somehow manage to make accessible and understandable to any audience (another proof of their humbleness)! ARCHE Consulting is certainly one of the European precious metals’ sector’s consultancy of choice, not only for REACH Registration and CLP/GHS support, but also in preparation of challenges under the other titles of REACH!

Caroline Braibant, European Precious Metals Federation

I appreciate ARCHE Consulting for the very smooth communication, the professionalism (especially regarding environmental risk assessment) and the innovativeness (use of QSAR and read-across to replace experimental testing).

Lieve Galle, Agfa-Gevaert

The Nickel Institute has worked with ARCHE Consulting in a number of projects over the past years, including the environmental risk assessment for sediments and waste, as well as in  the development of the exposure scenarios for the Nickel Consortia REACH Registration dossiers. They have proven to be a reliable team with strong technical expertise and excellent communication skills. We are very satisfied with the quality of their work, their availability, and their flexibility to meet our needs.

Irene Canas Sierra, Nickel Institute


ARCHE Consulting played a key role in helping us to achieve our approval by ECHA as an art 95 listed supplier for a substance in PT18 and PT19. The team was always available, knowledgeable, thorough and was instrumental in guiding our responses and submissions to help insure the successful outcome. We look forward to maintaining an ongoing relationship for our future regulatory requirements with ARCHE Consulting.

Antoine Biron, TerpeneTech Ltd

Sanipur was struggling to understand the process of submitting a dossier for an in situ biocide and was ready to give up when we got in contact with ARCHE Consulting. They made all of the biocides world clear to us, they guided us through the dossier buildup and submission, they have always been available for requests of clarification, they cured our anxiety and accompanied us hand in hand through the dossier preparation process. We are glad we met them and we surely will keep working with them in the future. Great job!

Stefano Melada, Sanipur

Spotless Group Belgium is using the services of ARCHE Consulting since 2013 for several regulatory issues on biocidal products for the Belgian market. Additionally ARCHE Consulting provides consulting advice in various European issues. We are very satisfied about the cooperation with ARCHE Consulting. The rapid response to ad hoc questions from the client is experienced as very positive. ARCHE Consulting is able to turn very difficult issues into clear answers and advice that can be put into practice immediately.

Arnoud Jol, Spotless Group

ARCHE Consulting has proven to be a very valuable consultancy partner for DeLaval over the past few years. DeLaval was able to benefit from the in-depth knowledge of the ARCHE Consulting’s scientists on the European Biocidal Regulations (BPD/BPR) and we can only recommend to others the training we received on several aspects of Risk Assessments (both human and environmental).

Adelheid De Ketelaere, DeLaval NV


The World Coal Association really appreciate the high quality delivered by ARCHE Consulting on our classification project. We are very pleased with the attention we got from the ARCHE Consulting Team  and we would recommend your services to any other industry group embarking on a similar project.

Aleksandra Tomczak, World Coal Association