On Tuesday 9 October 2018 we organised a successful 7th edition of our yearly BPR Symposium.

The presentations focused on Biocidal Product Family, Letter of Access, in situ generated active substances and physico-chemical properties. These topics are still evolving a lot – currently and in the future – which reflected in the high amount of interactions and active discussions during the day.

Overview of the presentations:

  • BPF Concept & Working Group: some reflections from an industry perspective – Adrian Gray (Janssen Pharmaceutica)
  • Recent experiences with in situ active substance dossier preparation – Nick Meakin (Aqualution)
  • How to deal with the variety of Letter of Access – Koen Van Maldegem (FieldFisher)
  • Technical Equivalence: when, how, who? – Boris Van Berlo (FOD)
  • Physico-chemical testing in BPF and Consortia: which testing strategy to adopt? – Inge Huygens (ARCHE Consulting)
  • Tips from authority how to deal with physico-chemical endpoints in BPF– Tjaart-Jan Huizing (Ctgb)

Thank you to everybody who contributed to this event! If you would like to stay informed on next year’s edition, please feel free to send us an email.