REACH 2018 countdown 31th May 2018
Be sure you finalize your registration on time!

The REACH 2018 deadline concerns substances manufactured or imported in low volumes, between 1-100 tonnes per year. Although the REACH registration deadline of 31st May 2018 still seems far away it is beneficial to start early enough to develop the best registration strategy and select the most cast efficient solutions for a smooth registration process.

ARCHE has been one of the key players helping manufacturers and importers successfully registering hundreds of substances for the 2010-2013 deadlines and has been involved in all aspects of the REACH registration process (IUCLID, CHESAR, developing CSA/CSR reports and helping our clients successfully dealing with the authorisation process). ARCHE has an extensive experience in the use of non-testing approaches (QSARs read-across, weight of evidence etc.) for a wide range of substances to comply with the data requirements from REACH in the most cost-effective manner.

Over the years, next to our knowledge on biocides (BPR regulation EU 528/2012), plant protection products (EC 1107/2009), flame retardants (and organic substances in general (REACH) ARCHE has become especially renown for its metal-specific knowledge.  ARCHE has developed several metal-specific tools and guidance documents jointly with EUROMETAUX (such as metal-specific EUSES DU calculator, SPERCs, MECLAS, MERAG, etc., see also https://www.arche-consulting.be, ‘Our tools’). Our unique acquired inorganic/metal specific experience makes us the best partner to bring your upcoming REACH 2018 registrations of inorganic/metal-based products to a successful end.

Finally, as, a cofounder of the REACH Orphan Substances Consortium (ROSC, http://www.rosconsortium.eu) we are able to deliver to our clients an efficient and all-included package for the 2018 deadline offering potential registrants with the unique opportunity to register their “Orphan” substances under one overarching consortium and as such save costs.  “Orphan” substances are substances that need to be registered by 2018, but that don’t have any (known) data and don’t have any other organisation preparing the REACH dossier for them.

In case you would like additional information on our services or you would like to make an appointment with one of our REACH experts to discuss your specific needs, contact

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For more information on your duties see ECHA’s website REACH 2018: