Consortium Management

Consortium Management

REACH requires that manufacturers and importers of the same substance work together to submit a REACH registration dossier, by sharing data and costs. The formation of a consortium is an efficient way for potential registrants to fulfill the REACH requirements in time, while protecting their business interests.

ARCHE Consulting can assist with the management of REACH consortia. We help the founding members and potential new consortia members in preparing their registration dossiers to submit them in time to ECHA, respecting the deadlines imposed by the REACH legislation.

We can offer the following technical/administrative support to consortia:

  • Develop, maintain and update a project plan describing the steps to come to a REACH registration dossier
  • Centralized communication within a consortium, project tracking and status reporting to consortium members covering objectives, timing, outputs, and delivery times
  • Manage and follow up on information/data requirements from consortium members and external data holders
  • Planning, organization and documentation of consortium meetings and conference calls

For more information on consortium management, please contact Katrien Arijs.

Katrien Arijs

Katrien Arijs (Consortium Manager)

T:+32 9 216 70 39

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