Do you sometimes feel overpowered?

Arche is constantly shifting the goalposts within the biocidal regulatory arena to create a level playing field for its clients. Choose your preferred option here below.

Biocidal product family

  • Group products
  • Flexible to add products later
  • Provides additional support to your customers

Joint dossier preparation

  • Prepare joint product family dossier
  • Opportunity for data sharing at a larger scale

Consortia for biocides *

  • Gives SME’s the opportunity to stay on the market at low costs

(*) Arche offers a one-stop for preparing biocidal product family dossiers in a consortium. This can significantly reduce the costs for dossier preparation and fees to ECHA and the evaluating Competent Authority. Cost Reduction: More than 50% cost savings possible!

How can we safeguard your market?

Arche offers a wide range of services from tailor-made strategic advice to training modules. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a competitive offer suited for your company.

  • Data gap analysis, coordination of tests, waivers
  • Risk assessment (human health, environment)
  • Active substance dossier and Article 95 inclusion, TE
  • Biocidal products: single product and product family dossiers
  • Pre-submission meetings with ECHA and evaluating CA
  • National Authorizations, Mutual Recognitions, Union Authorisation
  • Consortia for biocides
  • IUCLID & R4BP3

Risk assessment, IUCLID,…