8 10, 2019

Regulatory Support for Cosmetics

We are pleased to announce that Nora Ferencz has joined our team! Nora has obtained her master’s degree at Ghent University. Ever since, she has gained extensive expertise in the field of regulatory affairs in the personal care industry covering the EMEA [...]

1 10, 2019

Call of interest BIOCIDES 2019

ARCHE Consortia, as recognized leading consortium management specialist, has a wealth of proven experience in in the context of the biocidal products regulation. We have successfully submitted and validated complex product authorisation dossiers for consortia based on following active substances: Sodium [...]

30 09, 2019

9th NeRSAP meeting

Two of our colleagues, Maxime Eliat and Marnix Vangheluwe, were present at the 9th NeRSAP meeting where SEA and authorisation experts exchange their experiences. This session took place in Gothenburg from 26th (13:00) to 27th September (13:00) 2019, and was hosted by FRAM and KEMI. [...]

9 09, 2019

Invitation 8th Biocidal Products Regulation Symposium

ARCHE Consulting and pIEt Consulting invite you to join their 8th Biocidal Products Regulation Symposium on 5 November 2019 in Brussels (Sheraton Brussels Airport). Attending this symposium will ensure you are up to speed with the latest regulatory developments [...]

29 05, 2019

Teaming up!

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Joonas Koivisto at Air Pollution Management and ARCHE Consulting! Services we will cover are providing guidance on aerosol instrumentation, particle measurements & sampling, and mathematical modeling. With this collaboration we are [...]

22 03, 2019

Combined effects of temperature and nickel stress on a Daphnia magna population are correctly predicted by a mechanistic model

Temperature is known to alter the sensitivity of Daphnia magna to metals. In a population experiment, it was investigated if the temperature effect on nickel (Ni) sensitivity, as observed in toxicity tests, was also present in D. magna populations. Surprisingly, [...]

15 02, 2019

Mechanistic model co-developed by ARCHE Consulting can predict copper effects on snail populations

In this study we present a novel, mechanistic model to predict effects of Cu on aquatic invertebrate populations (Lymnaea stagnalis – the great pond snail). Lymnaea stagnalis is particularly sensitive species to various metals and the precise mechanisms behind the [...]

15 11, 2018

NeRSAP meeting

On the 8th and 9th of November ARCHE Consulting attended the NeRSAP 8 meeting organised at the University of Antwerpen. NeRSAP is a Network of REACH SEA and AoA Practitioners where experts can exchange views on the latest concepts, methods [...]

11 10, 2018

Successful 7th edition BPR Symposium

On Tuesday 9 October 2018 we organised a successful 7th edition of our yearly BPR Symposium. The presentations focused on Biocidal Product Family, Letter of Access, in situ generated active substances and physico-chemical properties. These topics are still evolving [...]

4 09, 2018

“TK/TD modelling approaches” ready for use in aquatic risk assessments states EFSA!

Key for more realistic risk assessments?  On August 23, EFSA released their “Scientific Opinion on the state of the art of Toxicokinetic / Toxicodynamic (TKTD) effect models for regulatory risk assessment of pesticides for aquatic organisms”. What does this [...]