LIFE project NARMENA (Nature-based Remediation of Metal pollutants in Nature Areas to increase water storage capacity), co-financed by the European Union, falls within the objective of remediating contaminated soils and sediments in rivers, on riverbanks and on flood plains.

ARCHE Consulting is one of the seven partners testing how they can solve historical metal contamination in sediments with the help of nature based methods. Our experts are mainly involved in developing eco-modelling approaches to predict the impact of the nature based remediation techniques. Questions to be answered are: what is the toxicological impact on certain organisms of a concentration change? What is the availability of a particular harmful substance? These are important questions, which can help decision-makers to impose threshold values for pollutants in sediments of watercourses.

On Thursday 25 March 2021, the official LIFE Narmena Kick-off symposium 2021 will be organized (via MS Teams). For more detailed information and registration, please follow this link.