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February 2021

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ARCHE & pIEt consulting 9th BPR FORTNIGHT 2021

Online Symposium


Our 9th annual BPR Symposium was scheduled on November 5th 2020 in Brussels. Due to the rather exceptional circumstances we reinvented our successful event. We have come up with an alternative solution which we trust will make you not miss out on the experience!

Why attend?

With the challenges of online conferences in mind we have chosen to spread our different subjects and speakers over a period of 14 days, a fortnight. This gives you the opportunity to keep an optimal focus over the different subjects and provides the additional benefit to be more selective in the subjects that you are interested in, since you will be able to subscribe for each topic separately. We will kick off our Fortnight with an online training, for which you can also separately subscribe.


Our Arche & pIEt Consulting BPR FORTNIGHT will be held the first half of February 2021, exact dates  will be communicated later. The subjects we have are with reservation:

  1. BPR for dummies (training)
  2. Efficacy requirements for PT18/19 (insecticides and repellents/attractants)
  3. Emerging challenges (anti-microbial resistance, ED assessments,…)
  4. Regulatory updates (Brexit, new data requirements,…)
  5. Business under BPR (Article 95 list, BPF,…)

For each topic an external expert will have the floor, ARCHE & pIEt Consulting will also provide their insights. Time for Q&A will also be  foreseen.

Who will benefit from this symposium?

Anyone involved in the placing on the market of biocidal products or active substances, who wants to remain compliant with the legislation and is active in regulatory affairs, R&D or marketing.

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