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ARCHE Consulting will be present at DEB2019: Sixth International Symposium and Thematic School on DEB theory for metabolic organization from 1 till 12 April in Brest, France.

Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) theory aims at unifying commonalities of metabolic organization between organisms (animals, plants, bacteria…). This theory is based on a restricted number of assumptions, written out as mathematical formulas that allows quantifying growth, development, reproduction of an organism all along its life cycle as a function of available food and temperature. It also enables modelling the effects of stressors such as contaminants, pathogens, oxygen, pH…

In the actual context of biodiversity erosion, comparison of species functional traits is not the only applications of DEB theory. Prediction of the effects of global change, better understanding the geographical patterns of species, the effects of environmental stressors, optimization of bio-production, management of exploited resources, invasive species control are also examples of applications for which better understanding the metabolism of species and how it is controlled by the environment is key and for which DEB theory allowed knock down scientific some barriers with more than 750 publications.

For more information please visit the DEB2019 website.