During the COVID-19 outbreak, washing your hands with soap and water is one of the best ways to protect yourself against the coronavirus. This hand wash routine can be supplemented by the use of disinfecting hand gels and – sanitizers. Demand for these products are soaring, and manufacturers are currently overwhelmed by orders.

As the current demand of hand hygiene products is extensive, additional questions arise concerning regulatory compliance for these kind of products. Strict rules may apply for putting such a product on the market, to ensure safety and efficacy.

  • Is your product a cosmetic?
  • Is your hand sanitiser a biocidal product?
  • Is your hand gel a medicinal product?

To assess these (borderline) cases a guidance document from the European commission has been published this week.

Be sure to follow requirements set by guidances and to correctly apply all temporary measures to cope with this current outbreak.


If you need advice or support to determine appropriate actions: we can help, please contact barbara.dhoop@arche-consulting.be!