Trying to follow the high demand for disinfection products due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the authorities are calling in emergency measures. Article 55 of the BPR (Regulation (EU) 528/2012) allows for emergency authorizations that can be granted under BPR to combat a danger to public health, animal health or the environment which cannot be contained by other means. This means that several Member States provide exceptional permissions for companies producing disinfection products and some of the Member States allow temporary registration of disinfectants to grant fast access to the market.
Although article 55 is not applicable to products based on active substances still under review, local authorities may also take specific decisions on emergency applications for these products.

Due to highly increased call for disinfectants, some of the national authorities have also indicated fulfilment of art. 95 compliance may be dropped for disinfection products, given these exceptional circumstances. Moreover, technical equivalence assessment for any potential new supplier of BPR-approved active substances used for disinfectants (such as propan-1-ol or propan-2-ol) can also happen with less severe data requirements set in combination with an accelerated procedure. ECHA has indicated they are willing to speed up the process for such applications.

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