ARCHE Consulting participates in the European Horizon 2020 project CHROMIC (Grant Agreement n° 730471 under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program). The objective of this 4-year collaborative project with 11 partners from 5 EU countries is to improve efficient mineral processing and hydrometallurgical recovery of by-product metals from low-grade metal containing secondary raw materials. CHROMIC aims to develop such new recovery processes for critical (Cr, Nb) and economically valuable (Mo, V) by-product metals from secondary resources, based on the smart integration of enhanced pre-treatment, selective alkaline leaching and highly selective metal recovery across the value chain.

An overarching assessment of the related economic, environmental and health and safety aspects will be carried out to ensure that the developed technologies meet the requirements of the circular economy whilst being in line with current market demand.

ARCHE Consulting is leader of the work package on the evaluation of the circular economy context and assessment of health, environmental and economic aspects and legal compliance We are responsible for the assessment of the health, safety and environmental performance of the technologies and processes, taking into account low-grade ore metals and complex materials specific issues.