Stijn Van Hees

Stijn Van Hees (Senior Project Scientist)

T:+32 9 269 70 60

Stijn Van Hees graduated as master in biology at the university of Antwerp in 2002 and as master in environmental sciences at the university of Ghent in 2004.

He has previously worked as a teacher (2004-2008) and in the field of sustainable horticulture (2008-2012). Before switching to ARCHE Consulting he learned all about Biocides legislation and environmental risk assessment while working for the Belgian competent authority from 2012 to 2016. He’s been profoundly involved with national biocides legislation and the application of the biocidal products regulation in Belgium.

At ARCHE Consulting Stijn puts all these valuable experiences to good use in biocides project management, efficacy and risk assessments.