Liis Teubner, PhD (Senior Project Scientist)

T: + 372 5885 3543

Dr. Liis Teubner (Senior Project Scientist at ARCHE Consulting and independent consultant at Scientra OÜ, Estonia from 2017 onwards) has obtained her PhD (Dr. Sc. Hum.) from the Heidelberg University in Germany (2009).

From 2009-2017 she worked at Dr. Knoell Consult as a Project Manager in Dietary Safety (pesticide residues in food and feed; analytical methods). Her main experiences are in active substance approval / renewal of approval with emphasis on MCA Section 4 (Analytical methods) and MCA Section 6 (Residues in or on treated products, food and feed and plant metabolism),  authorisation of PPP-s: Part B Section 5 (Analytical methods) and Section 7 (Metabolism and residues) of draft registration reports, MRL Evaluation Reports,  Import tolerance applications (Sections for analytical methods, metabolism and residues) and JMPR (Sections for analytical methods, metabolism and residues).

In addition she has extensive experience in residue trials (data processing and method validations).