Strategic partners

Strategic Partners

ARCHE Consulting has established an unique partnership with EBRC, pairing our scientific and technical expertise in the field of metals risk assessment, thus providing our clients with an integrated metal knowledge exchange platform.


ARCHE Consulting and REACHLaw announced a strategic partnership that aims to strengthen both ARCHE Consulting and REACHLaw’s current offering to provide parties needing REACH Authorisation and related services with a combined best of the breed service.

pIEt Consulting

Dr. Piet Blancquaert did his biology studies at Ghent University followed by a PhD in ecology and population dynamics. Further specialization in toxicology was obtained at the Heymans Institute for Pharmacology. Since 1988 Piet Blancquaert was active as a Regulatory Affairs Manager. First with Buckman laboratories with main focus on biocides (for wood preservation, slimicides and water treatment) in Europe. From 1991 also responsible for plant protection prodcuts for ISK Bioscience. From 1998 again main focus on biocides for Troy Chemical Company and from 2002 worldwide responsability for the Regulatory Affairs of Janssen PMP (Preservation and Material Protection) for both biocidal and plant protection products.  Since 2010 start of own consultancy business , pIET Consulting bvba for regulatory matters in Europe primarily related to the biocidal and plant products business.

T: +32 476 214 401

Toxicological Consulting

ARCHE Consulting has set up a close collaboration with Dr Daniel Bernard from Toxicological Consulting which core business is the safety assessment of cosmetics and drafting the product information file.


ARCHE Consulting and Amelior provides tailormade trainings for your business. Check out our joined courses.

Check out our joined courses

eCOAST is an initiative of a number of professors and researchers from Ghent University,  the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) and ARCHE Consulting, who all share a passion for the beauty and complexity of our seas, sandy and rocky shores and of estuaries. Together, we represent a tremendous amount of knowledge on the ecology and environment of these marine and coastal waters; a knowledge we wish to put in use to interested parties, such as governments, private companies and NGO’s.

Universiteit Gent

Starting from the former spin-off company EURAS (EUropean centre for Risk Assessment) of Ghent University ARCHE Consulting is being recognized as a official Ghent University spin-off that successfully realized its exit.


Because we care about science ARCHE Consulting joined the SETAC Europe partner Programme.