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ARCHE Consulting and their team of experts hold a unique track record in the field of environmental toxicology, exposure modeling and the preparation of risk assessment dossiers in general. We’ve built up in depth knowledge on assessing risks of chemicals during both the predecessor of the REACH regulation as on the preparation of Chemical Safety Assessments/report in the framework of the REACH regulation.


Our mission statement

Our overarching mission is to foster a safe environment and healthy workplace while safeguarding the market access of chemicals and products.

Our privacy statement

Important information about how ARCHE Consulting handle personal information in line with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.

Our vision statement

Our vision statement is build around the following core intentions
  1. To support our clients with integrative strategies for all ‘hazard and risk assessment based’ regulations related to the production and use of chemical substances and products
  2. To be seen as the leading experts in the EU related to inorganic risk assessment and biocidal products regulation
  3. To provide the best working conditions for employees seeking opportunities to deliver high quality work in an attractive working environment.
  4. To encourage innovative thinking allowing ARCHE’s client to be the first beneficiaries of newly developed concepts and tools.

Our services


ARCHE Consulting is constantly shifting the goalposts within the biocidal regulatory arena to create a level playing field for its clients.

Plant protection products

ARCHE Consulting can support you in the preparation and submission of active substance and product dossiers for EU-wide, zonal and national registrations as applicable.


ARCHE Consulting’s team members are well versed in the different disciplines needed to comply with REACH. Our ecotoxicologist and toxicologists are ready to help you keeping REACH under control.

Discover our tools

One of our key areas of expertise is the preparation of risk assessments for inorganic substances and as such the ARCHE Consulting experts have been involved in the preparation of many guidance documents on these topics.

ARCHE Consulting news

Regulatory Support for Cosmetics

We are pleased to announce that Nora Ferencz has joined our team! Nora has obtained her master’s degree at Ghent University. Ever since, she has gained extensive expertise in the field of regulatory affairs in the personal [...]

Call of interest BIOCIDES 2019

ARCHE Consortia, as recognized leading consortium management specialist, has a wealth of proven experience in in the context of the biocidal products regulation. We have successfully submitted and validated complex product authorisation dossiers for consortia [...]

9th NeRSAP meeting

Two of our colleagues, Maxime Eliat and Marnix Vangheluwe, were present at the 9th NeRSAP meeting where SEA and authorisation experts exchange their experiences. This session took place in Gothenburg from 26th (13:00) to 27th September (13:00) 2019, and was [...]


8th Biocidal Products Regulation Symposium
05 November 2019


Toxicologie voor gevorderden: blootstellingsmodellering en blootstellingsscenario‘s
07 January 2020

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8th Biocidal Products Regulation Symposium

ARCHE Consulting and pIEt Consulting invite you to join their 8th Biocidal Products Regulation Symposium
on 5 November 2019 in Brussels (Sheraton Brussels Airport).

Attending this symposium will ensure you are up to speed with the latest regulatory developments and will enable you to tackle the challenges presented by the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR, Regulation (EU) No 528/2012). Furthermore, this symposium is the ideal moment to get in contact with representatives from Competent Authorities, service providers and industry!

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