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Preparation REACH registration file

Data evaluation

ARCHE Consulting can assist you with compiling the technical dossiers required to register chemical substances under REACH and submitting them to the European Chemicals Agency. A technical dossier needs to contain at least all the information stipulated by the tonnage window.

Each literature item (relevant for human health or environment) needs to be screened in detail, either to verify the initial assignment (based on the literature search evaluation), or to re-assign any document to another data requirement. A reliability rating (based on the inherent quality of the methodology and results) needs to be made for every relevant data point. This quality screening procedure is based on the Klimisch  scoring scheme.


All existing hazard characterisation studies need to be summarised in detail in a standardised reporting format, which will be provided in the form of IUCLID 6.0 when submitting the technical dossier to ECHA.

Existing information needs to be provided in the form of IUCLID 6.0. IUCLID 6.0 is the platform to communicate with ECHA for the submission of a registration dossier. Apart from a description of the study itself and the results, it is necessary to record all relevant experimental conditions in order to demonstrate the reliability and validity of any particular study.

ARCHE Consulting has the necessary knowhow to draft Robust Summaries and prepare IUCLID entries.


IMOA has worked for the last five years with the environmental scientist working at ARCHE, and they have proved for IMOA/Mocon to be a very wise investment. We can therefore highly recommend ARCHE with regard to their technical expertise and knowledge on environmental issues (aquatic and terrestrial), organisation of research projects and data interpretation. ARCHE worked with numerous metal consortia for REACH and is widely recognized by the metals industry as the experts in their field.
International Molybdenum Association
ICL-IP has been working with ARCHE over the last couple of years on several projects related to REACH, including preparation of dossiers and exposure scenario’s. We are very satified with them, mainly due to the high quality of work, in-house expertise, rapid response to queries, short communication lines and good price-quality ratio. Therefore, ARCHE is highly recommended by us for projects related to REACH.
The Precious Metals sector has worked with ARCHE on a number of projects involving the environmental and waste stage risk assessment of metals since 2007, when they were still organised under the name of EURAS. ARCHE’s team gathers passionate, dedicated, and very clever though humble profiles which strive to find a robust balance between industry’s commitment to use chemicals safely, and regulations’ thirst for information, justification, and continuously improving scientific evidence. ARCHE colleagues hold experience and expertise in eco-toxicity, risk management, classification of metals (you need to see what MeClas can do for you!), supported by professional project management skills and excellent mathematical, modelling and statistical tools that they somehow manage to make accessible and understandable to any audience (another proof of their humbleness)! ARCHE is certainly one of the European precious metals’ sector’s consultancy of choice, not only for REACH Registration and CLP/GHS support, but also in preparation of challenges under the other titles of REACH!.
European Precious Metals Federation