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Exposure scenarios

The need to examine the entire supply chain to qualitatively and quantitatively understand each and every exposure scenario may be the greatest challenge facing industry under REACH. Developing an exposure scenario is an iterative process, whereby a company collects information on the use and existing exposure control measures for a substance, then uses that information to estimate exposure levels and compares them to the hazard data. As necessary, exposure estimates are fine-tuned and/or controls re-engineered until it can be reasonably ascertained that exposures will be safe, even when they are estimated at conservatively high levels.

ARCHE Consulting can help you in:

  • Preparing an overview of the supply chain, general information on production/use/disposal/recycling and possible grouping of sector for the purpose of data extrapolation.
  • Develop tentative (model) local exposure scenarios
  • Develop refined local exposure scenarios (production, downstream users) including final proposals for Risk Management Measures (RMM)

For more information on exposure scenario development contact Dr. Frederik Verdonck