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CSA-CSR development

Drafting Chamical Safety Reports


appendix R.7.13-2: Environmental risk assessment for metals and metal compounds


For substances that are imported or manufactured in quantities of 10 metric tonnes per year or greater, the importer or manufacturer must prepare a Chemical Safety Report and Safety Data Sheet (SDS), specifying the "identified uses" (i.e., uses that have been assessed), as well as the appropriate risk management measures for all of the anticipated exposure scenarios associated with those uses during the entire life cycle of the substance. The SDS (as we now know it), supplemented with the appropriate risk management measures for all of the exposure scenarios resulting from identified uses, is now referred to as the e-SDS (the extended safety data sheet). The experts at ARCHE have extensive experience in the field of risk assessment/management and are the ideal partners to guide you through the critical aspects of CSR preparation and follow-up.

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