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9032 Ghent (Wondelgem) - Belgium
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"Spotless Group Belgium is using the services of ARCHE since 2013 for several regulatory issues on biocidal products for the Belgian market. Additionally ARCHE provides consulting advice in various European issues. We are very satisfied about the cooperation with ARCHE. The rapid response to ad hoc questions from the client is experienced as very positive. ARCHE is able to turn very difficult issues into clear answers and advice that can be put into practice immediately."- Arnoud Jol, Marketing Manager Benelux & Scandinavia, Spotless Group

DeLaval NV


"ARCHE has proven to be a very valuable consultancy partner for DeLaval over the past few years. DeLaval was able to benefit from the in-depth knowledge of the ARCHE scientists on the European Biocidal Regulations (BPD/BPR) and we can only recommend to others the training we received on several aspects of Risk Assessments (both human and environmental)." Adelheid De Ketelaere, Regulatory Affairs Manager EMEA, SEA PPMQ&AH DeLaval NV.