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ARCHE Consulting  will be present at the 19th International Fresenius AGRO Conference "Behaviour of Pesticides in Air, Soil and Water" on June 19th and 20th in Mainz (near Frankfurt/Germany).


During this two-day event, 21 international experts from the European Commission, EFSA and the responsible authorities (e.g. Austrian AGES, French ANSES, German BVL, Health Canada, HSE Chemicals Regulation Division) , as well as from the scientific sector (e.g. Wageningen University & Research, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation) and the industry (e.g. Bayer Crop Science Division, BASF, DuPont Crop Protection), will be reporting on the pesticide assessment work being carried out in Germany, Europe, Canada and Brazil.


For more information please visit the Akademie Fresenius website.