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ARCHE Consulting is exhibiting and presenting at the SETAC Europe meeting in Brussels from 7-11 May 2017. Visit us at Booth 15. For more information please visit the SETAC Europe website.



Poster Presentations

Geraniol: case study of a substance approved under REACH, the Plant Protection Products, Biocides and Cosmetics Regulations

  • An Vanden Bosch, Inge Huygens
  • Session: Higher tier approaches in the risk assessment of plant protection products and their links to protection goals



Platform Presentation

ChimERA: integrating fate and effect modelling

  • Viaene K., Focks A., Baveco H., Morselli M., Di Guardo A., Van den Brink P., De Laender F.
  • Session: SETAC - IWA joint special session
  • The Arc



Poster Presentations

Integrated economic and environmental assessment as driver for innovation of metallurgical systems for the recovery of metals from low grade input materials

  • Vincent Dunon, Stella Vanassche, Marta Marcias Aragones, Karin Willquist, Koen Oorts
  • Session: The Role of Metals in Circulare Economies: A Life Cycle Perspective
  • Exhibition Hall

Metals are indispensable, they define the health status of mammals and wild life. Can they also be endocrine disruptors?

  • Rita Cortvrindt, Violaine Verougstraete, Marnix Vangheluwe
  • Session: Regulatory Best Practices for Assessment of Endocrine Active Sustances
  • Exhibition Hall


Species sensitivity distributions for soil organisms: experiences for metals

  • Koen Oorts, Ilse Schoeters
  • Session: Advances in Soil Ecotoxicological Risk Assessment of Chemical Stressors
  • Exhibition Hall



Platform Presentations

Addressing combined toxicity in the environmental risk assessment of inorganic UCVBs

  • Koen Oorts, Federica Iaccino, Violaine Verougstraete, Hugo Waeterschoot
  • Session: Improving the environmental assessment of complex composition substances and mixtures for Chemicals Management
  • Copper Hall

Poster Presentations

Assessment of SID  of inorganic UVCBs in recycling industry

  • Federica Iaccino, Katrien Arijs, Frederik Verdonck, Nathalie Dom and Violaine Verougstraete
  • Session: Improving the environmental assessment of complex composition substances and mixtures for Chemicals Management (P)
  • Presentation Room: Exhibition Hall


Challenges and solutions for the environmental exposure assessment of PT18 biocides

  • Leen Jansen, Barbara Dhoop, Piet Blancquaert and Frederik Verdonck
  • Session: Environmental risk assessment of biocides: regulatory requirements, challenges and consequences
  • Exhibition Hall


Fertilizers Environmental Exposure Tool: Advances in environmental exposure assessment of micronutrients in fertilizers

  • Sabine Navis, Koen Oorts, Reetta Puska, Marie Bjorgan, Leondina Della Pietra
  • Session: Advances in Exposure Modelling: Bridging the gap between research and application
  • Exhibition Hall

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