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ARCHE's team keeps on growing!

ARCHE is pleased to announce that two new members joined its regulatory expert team:

  • Marc Aerssens graduated as a master of Science in Organic Chemistry at Utrecht University in 1985. He spent 21 years in industry working for a multinational chemicals manufacturer in various operational positions (R&D Manager, Laboratory Manager, and Operations Manager) before entering the Regulatory Affairs arena. For 8 years he was responsible for the registration of biocides and pesticides in Europe (National registrations, BPD and PPP). Further he has been involved in REACH as of its inception. Switching to consultancy in 2007 he has lead regulatory teams in the process of generating and submitting dossiers (BPD, PPP and REACH). Since 2007 he has been managing over 20 consortia and supporting members with the generation and submission of dossiers as well assisting them in the evaluation stages of the registration process. At ARCHE he will be mainly involved in managing consortia for REACH and biocidal products.
  • Inge Huygens graduated as Master of Science in Chemistry and obtained her PhD in Physical Chemistry at Ghent University (Belgium) in 2004, where she worked at the Physical Chemistry Laboratory as Assistant Professor until 2007.  From 2007 until 2015 she worked as a Regulatory Affairs Specialist for plant protection products, dealing with data gap analyses, study/field trial coordination, risk assessments and dossier preparations and follow up, both on EU and member state level. At ARCHE she will mainly focus on risk assessments and dossier preparation for plant protection products/biocides.