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CALL OF INTEREST FOR consortium formation for sodium 2-biphenylate in BIOCIDAL PRODUCTS FOR PT 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 13

Ghent (08-01-2016)


Further to the drafting of the Practical Guides on Consortia issued by the Commission on 23 February 2015, Fieldfisher and ARCHE, as Technical Service Provider, offer support to facilitate the process of applying for an active substance registration and product authorisation. The goal of the process is to provide assistance to companies in reducing costs and administration burden involved.

On customers' request, Fieldfisher and ARCHE are taking the first steps for setting-up a voluntary cooperation, in the form of a Task Force, in order to facilitate sodium 2-biphenylate (CAS: 132-27-4, EC: 205-055-6) product's producers for PTs 1,2,3,4,6 and PT13, to join their forces for an active substance registration and Biocidal Product Family authorisation.


To this end Fieldfisher and ARCHE invite interested parties to join their forces to perform studies and dossier creation among all participants. All communications will be confidential and used only for assessment of a sufficient interest in cooperation.


Companies interested in the above-captured call can contact: