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ARCHE as technical partner of the ROSC (the REACH Orphans Substances Consortium)* is happy to announce that the ROSC team has welcomed its first two substances on board and will be preparing the REACH registration dossier for strontium and barium by the 2018 deadline. Although the 2018 deadline still seems very far away, starting now allows the costs to be spread over time and more substances to be kept on the market after May 2018.


Anyone who still has REACH registration obligations for their substances and who needs help or advice, can contact Karine Van de Velde, secretary general of ROSC at Authorization consortia will also be set up in the near future. 

ROSC will be participating to the following events:

  • 14-10-2015: BCF conference Nottingham
  • 13-11-2015 EuMBC meeting Brussels
  • 18-11-2015 ECHA Webinar (including interview ROSC client)
  • 14-18 March 2016 Chemcon Amsterdam