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ARCHE, together with FERA and the Università Cattolica in Piacenza, participated in a research project commissioned by EFSA in support of the revision of the 'Guidance Document on Persistence in Soil' (SANCO/9188VI/1997). The outcome of this research project has been published on the EFSA website as an external scientific report.


Guidance on how to predict environmental concentrations in soil after applications of plant protection products to annual field crops has recently been published by EFSA.  However, guidance for permanent crops and crops grown on ridges is still under development.  The current scientific report fits into the development of this latter guidance.  In brief, in the framework of this project a database was compiled of the spatial distribution of permanent crops in the EU. A total of 2013 unique combinations (‘plots’) were parameterised for use with the spatially distributed pesticide fate model GeoPEARL.  Surveys and/or literature reviews were undertaken on the depth distribution of soil organic matter and cultivation practices in permanent crops.  A generic crop was selected and simulations with GeoPEARL were undertaken, resulting in the selection of six scenarios that apply to the 95th spatial percentile of the concentration in total soil and pore water in the intended area of use for the Northern, Central and Southern regulatory zones.  Similar as for annual crops, a tiered assessment scheme was proposed to predict environmental concentrations in soil after application of plant protection products to permanent crops and crops grown on ridges.


For more information, check the publication on the EFSA website or contact