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Welcome to arche!

Guiding you safely through the world of chemical regulations

When key experts from the former spin-off company EURAS (EUropean centre for Risk Assessment) of Ghent University  decided that it would be a sin to let their unique know-how and experience go to waste, ARCHE was born. We thus represent over 15 years of experience in environmental/human toxicology, exposure modeling and the preparation of risk assessment dossiers in general.


Assisting you successfully in getting compliant under the current REACH regulation.

Our experience and know-how soon turned out to be quite the asset, and constant expanding was/is needed. Today, our team includes experts from the academic and industrial world, representing a unique and complete overview of our sector. For our offices, our eye quickly fell on the Belgian cities of Ghent and Leuven. We quite enjoy breathing in the vibrant liveliness and creative energy of two of Europe's most renowned university towns. In addition, we are also able to maintain close relations with the academic world, keeping up with the latest developments in our sector and the world of science. 

Activities and services

ARCHE mainly specializes in:

  • The preparation of risk assessments for inorganic substances such as metals, alloys, slags etc.
  • The risk assessment of organic chemicals (e.g. flame retardants)
  • Chemical Safety Assessments and Reports for the current REACH regulation.  
  • GHS and CLP
  • Registration of Biocidal products
  • The development of specific tools for both the inorganic as organic sector 
Find out more details about our activities and services on our services page!

ARCHE is a recognized Ghent University spin-off 

Starting from the former spin-off company EURAS (EUropean centre for Risk Assessment) of Ghent University ARCHE is being recognized as a official Ghent University spin-off  that successfully realized its exit.  


Putting the academic edge into our work

ARCHE supports SETAC Europe

Because we care about science ARCHE joined the SETAC Europe partner Programme

ARCHE is happily partnered with

  • EBRC sharing our joined metal related knowledge on human and environmental risk assessments
  • ReachCentrum joining forces on biocides related services
  • AMELIOR providing tailor made trainings for your business. Check out their course on Toxicologie basis principes and Toxicologie: blootstellingsmodellering en blootstellingsscenario's in which ARCHE will act as lecturer.
  • pIET consulting founded by Dr Piet Blancquaert and wordlwide recognized for his expertise in the regulatory arena related to biocidal and plant protection products.
  • eCoast: eCOAST is an initiative of a number of professors and researchers from Ghent University,  the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) and ARCHE, who all share a passion for the beauty and complexity of our seas, sandy and rocky shores and of estuaries. Together, we represent a tremendous amount of knowledge on the ecology and environment of these marine and coastal waters; a knowledge we wish to put in use to interested parties, such as governments, private companies and NGO's.

Keep track of our latest news

  • IUCLID TRAINING FOR BIOCIDES: 19 May 2014, Brussels

    ARCHE together with REACHCENTRUM provides a dedicated training on the use of IUCLID for biocides. More information can be found HERE. Courses are given in English.

  • Intensive course on CLP training for formulators 6-13-20-27 june, Ghent

    ARCHE is one of the lecturers in  a 4 day intensive CLP training course for formulators organised by Essencia; Courses are given in Dutch.

  • ARCHE has become a certified Cradle to Cradle Material Health Assessor

    Given today’s demands for more socially and environmentally conscious products and materials, it is important for companies to positively define their global impact and be leaders in environmental performance. In that regard, we proudly announce that ARCHE has been certified by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute as un authorized Cradle to Cradle Material Health Assessor. 

  • EU new BIOCIDAL Products Regulation (BPR) applies from September first!

    ARCHE together with its strategic partner ReachCentrum has set up a service focusing in particular to support those companies looking for an authorisation of biocidal products/approval of active substances under the new BPR regulation whether it is for an application of authorisation on EU level or for one on national level.

  • ARCHE launches its RESCUE program!

    ARCHE developed a one-to-one assistance program to help downstream users demonstrate compliance with their extended safety data sheets they get from their supplier. 

  • New Soil PNEC calculator is available!

    A new updated version of the soil PNEC calculator is available for download on our website. Apart from a new layout, this new version now also includes data for Co and Mo. All calculations are now based on the data and methods selected for the EU REACH dossiers (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals; Regulation EC No 1907/2006) for Cu, Ni, Zn, Pb, Cd, Mo and Co, as available in August 2012."



  • SPERC tool for metals is updated!

    The first version of the metal SPERCs was published in 2010 for the purpose of the 2010 REACH registration deadline and underwent a review process conducted by Lüskow et al. (2011) on behalf of the Federal Environment Agency of Germany (UBA). The second version of the metal SPERCs were improved based on the recommendations by Lüskow et al. (2011) and Tolls et al. (in press) and were further updated with new data for the purpose of the 2013 REACH registration deadline.  This second version is currently undergoing a scientific review process but can already been find on this website.



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